Assisi’s artisans and boutiques are struggling from the aftermath of the ongoing global pandemic. For months many of Assisi’s shops have been closed and risk never reopening.

For this holiday season, you can support them by shopping in their online boutiques. Enter and browse Assisi’s Virtual Christmas Market



Assisi - 2020

Peak into Assisi’s shop windows and browse Assisi’s Christmas gifts and products. Support our local economy by purchasing original and elegant gifts exclusively from Assisi. Follow the links to see each online boutique or to contact the storekeepers directly.

The online shopping process may take longer than what you are used to with the major e-commerce platforms: this is a social project, a way to support the people of Assisi and their livelihoods. We are showcasing the products of shops and artisans who are just starting to become familiar with online sales and long-distance shipping.

What is the rush? Take your time to browse and enjoy our little online Christmas Market, while feeling closer to the people and city  of Assisi.