The project

Optimism and willpower

Assisi’s Virtual Christmas is a non-for-profit initiative, driven by solidarity and our sense of community. We hope to help our local economy and fellow citizens get through these tough times, as our beloved Assisi faces a drammatic reduction in visitors for its 2020 winter holidays.

Assisi’s Virtual Christmas has two objectives: to offer more visibility to those who have already established themsleves online, and to support and guide the commercial activities of those who have little-to-no online presence. The project is supported by our local government and by DigiPass and is free of charge.

This project wishes to lay the foundations for a stronger online presence of our shops and boutiques. The economy of the city of Assisi is based on tourism and many small activities are risking to disappear without an online presence.

Our initiative is a symbolic gesture, developped in a very short time; yet it has the ambition of being a first step for a wider collaboration and pro-active attitude to make Assisi relevant beyond its touristic season.

From an idea of Giacomo Buzzao, developped by Federico Mancinelli, this website is supported by Comune di Assisi and by DigiPass. Media partner: “AssisiMia” quarterly magazine.

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